What is a Widget?

Widget is the Burst video player that will sit on your digital properties, and it is the easiest way to get Mobile Video on your branded website. As a business, your employees, reporters, bloggers, customers, etc. can use Burst to easily capture video on Smartphones (or upload from their computers) and have the media automatically play in the Burst Widget player on your branded website within seconds.

It's simple - here's how you embed the Burst Video Player Widget on your website:

1. From inside of a Bubble, click Manage Widget


2. Turn your Widget "ON"


3. Click Embed Code


4. Choose either Responsive or Fixed-size embed code format


5. Click Copy To Clipboard


6. Paste the code on your website

It's that easy!

You can even monetize the video inventory with a variety of Ad formats like pre-rolls, overlays, etc, and even customize the player to have the look and feel of your site.

CLICK HERE to learn more about widgets and view an example of what a widget looks like is real life. 

How To Create A Widget:

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