Tips & Tricks For Shooting The Best Mobile Video

  • Phone orientation “Unlocked” from Portrait
  • Take all videos LANDSCAPE (sideways) – no skinny video!
  • Location “on” in settings
  • Get as close to the subject matter as possible when recording (we have video zoom, but being close helps)
  • Keep fingers away from lens and from speaker (speaker is at bottom of iPhone)
  • Keep videos :30-:60 on average
  • Title and Tag videos right away
  • Delete bad videos right away
  • Be aware of light when shooting – shoot with light behind you
  • Be aware of audio when shooting
  • Establish a shot sequence before shooting – establishing shot, main subject, final shot
  • Frame subject accordingly in shot – centered, background, adding to or detracting from story?
  • If interviewing someone, brief them on questions beforehand, and do a quick run through before capturing
  • Charge battery often
  • Shoot to “show” on air
  • Use “trim” in edits if needed to capture sequence if shooting in app
  • Think about “situational” capture showing viewers a new/different POV whenever possible
  • Anticipate key moments
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