How do I create a group?

You can create a group to make inviting participants to a bubble or sending a burst to groups of people quick and easy.

On the iPhone/Android Mobile APPs you can create a group by tapping on the People Icon on the bottom NavBar. The People section enables you to manage the groups that you will include in Bubbles or share with on a regular basis. In People, tap on the Private Groups tab and then select  'Add Group or the green '+' icon. 

Type the name of your group in the pop-up and tap Save

Now tap on the 'Add Members to Group or the green '+' icon. You can add new people to the group or select them directly from your existing contacts.

This newly created group will be available to you the next time you would like to create a Bubble or share media with your colleagues/family/friends.

How To Create A Group:

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