How do I delete media/delete a Bubble?

You can:

1. Delete media entirely from your account

2. Delete media entirely from your account from a Bubble

3. Remove media from a selected Bubble

4. Delete a Bubble ***Deleting a Bubble will NOT remove the media within that Bubble from your account


Deleting Media:

Go to the Moments tab → click the Manage Moments dropdown  click Delete Moments → Select the Moments you would like to Delete → Confirm Delete

This will remove the media completely from your account.

From a Bubble: Delete or Remove Media

Go to the Bubbles tab → Select Bubble  click the Admin Features dropdown → click Manage Moments → select Delete Moments → 

You will then have the option to Remove (the media) from Bubble only or Delete and remove the media from my moments and all Bubbles

Deleting Bubbles:

Go to the Bubbles tab → Select Bubble  click the Admin Features → click Bubble → select Delete Bubble

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