BurstOnTV: Operation Tips and Troubleshooting

1. Token has expired, new token needed

Because Burst tokens are only valid for a limited period of time, periodically you will see the "Token has expired. Enter new Token" message.

Ask the Burst admin within your organization for a Token for your particular truck, studio or newsroom system. 

2. Malware warning

On some Windows systems, you might see a "potential threat" message, warning that the BurstOnTV client may be malware or a trojan. This is triggered by a known issue related to the fact that the BurstOnTV is a web-downloaded Python executable that downloads other (media) files.

If you see this message, choose the "Allow" action, to let BurstOnTV proceed unhindered.

3. Token is valid, but no approved media is downloading

Burst tokens connect one broadcast system to one or more Bubbles. If there was a new Bubble created from which new Approved media needs to be downloaded from, then contact your Burst admin to have them associate either the current Burst Token with the new Bubble, or issue you a new Token.

4. No space left on device

This means that the disk on which BurstOnTV was installed does not have space for large media files as they are being downloaded. It is strongly recommended to install BurstOnTV on the same disk as the one that holds the Download scan folder (the Source of your Auto-Restore rule); and make sure that this disk has a lot of free space. Another option is to enable auto-delete on the auto-restore rule.

5. Missing DLL error

On some older systems, you might see a DLL error such as "The program can't start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

In this case, a system library called "MSVCR90.dll version 9.0.21022.8" needs to be installed from here.

6. Other errors that result in media not being downloaded:

Logfile: In case of other errors whose cause is not obvious, check the burst.log file in the log folder under the BurstOnTV install folder. It might describe the error in more detail.

Connectivity: Make sure the server has excellent, stable Internet connectivity.

Firewall ports: Make sure you are able to manually download mov and mp4 files from burst.com. Some firewalls might restrict downloads of certain file types.

Space: Check that the disk on which the scan folder and the BurstOnTV install folder are located has plenty of free space for new media. Clear out old media if you have to. 


Other Tips:

BurstOnTV software runs by default every 120 seconds to check for new approved media for TV. If you would prefer to download media more frequently, you can edit the "frequency" parameter in the burstsystem.ini file in the installed directory.


If the "black window" which runs BurstOnTV software is closed, using Windows Task Scheduler it will automatically open within 5 minutes. No intervention is needed. After the production is done you can safely uninstall BurstOnTV using the uninstaller Control Panel>>Programs>>BurstOnTV>>Uninstall


If all else fails, contact your Burst admin or Burst Support (at support@burst.com). Please always include your client_install_id.

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