NewTek TriCaster: Overview

The BurstOnTV software module is a thin profile, lightweight client that is installed on a Windows 7 (or higher) machine on the same network as the TriCaster, the "approved" media is downloaded to the folder and passed through to the TriCaster (DDR2:10 by default) and immediately available for live production.

Currently compatible with TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, 8000.


1. UGC is uploaded to the Burst Bubble from mobile devices

2. The BurstOnTV module "looks" for and downloads videos Approved for Broadcast

Note: BurstOnTV makes 3 API calls - 1) Video, 2) Metadata, and 3) Notification

3. Operator is notified in the status bar when new media has arrived

Media is placed in the Default Location (DDR2:10) on the TriCaster and available for integration into the broadcast. 


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