EVS: Requirements, Pre Set Up & Troubleshooting


1. XFILE3 v4.06.12 using XSquare Suite 3.2 or higher (XTAccess is 3.2.7 or higher).

Please Note - if you are using IPDirector instead of XFILE3 please install BurstOnTV software on a machine which has XTAccess 3.2.7 or higher along with XSquare Suite 3.2 or higher which is controlled by IPDirector. Also ensure there is a valid transcoding license on this machine.

2. Download speed of 20Mb/s or higher preferred.

3. Unblocked access to internet to be able to communicate with Burst cloud on https (Outbound port 443 and preferably port 80)


Pre Set Up:

1. Create a new folder for Burst on a drive with enough disk space to handle video and photo files (C:/Burst - as an example)

2. In XFILE3 designate an Auto-Restore Rule choosing the Burst folder. Do not select any template, the system will auto detect the incoming format as well as the native format of the XT server and do the necessary transcode.

3. Decide which Page/Bank/Bin (or other destination) in the downstream system you want Burst videos to arrive at. It is best to dedicate a destination for Burst, so that media can flow in an unfettered fashion into that destination, whenever it is approved in the cloud.

IMPORTANT: If the designated destination (filesystem) is not available at the moment a media arrives into the downstream system, that media item may not be automatically ingested into the downstream system.

4. In the downstream system, define a rule to pick up media from the Download Folder you created above, and send it to the Destination you decided above.


Tips & Troubleshooting:

1. Metadata around the asset (User name/location/title) is sent over to EVS software and can be viewed on the tablet or the OSD. Refer to EVS manual if they are not turned on in your set up to show.

2. For UGC submitted video, to ensure the on-air talent has enough information to announce the context while broadcasting the clip, make sure in your OSD you can see the user name, location. If you cannot, it is probably not turned “on” within EVS settings. Talk to the OSD EVS operator.

To turn them on the instructions are: On the OSD within EVS, tap Shift F2 for “USER SETTINGS” followed by “ENABLE KEYWORDS” for the OSD

3. If download files do not ingest successfully:

- Check that there is not a backlog of jobs from before

- Check that XSquare and XTAccess are running. If in doubt, restart the XFILE3

- Make sure no template is selected in XSquare and no auto-restore rule is defined on XSquare

- Make sure there are no IP conflicts between the control port and media port in the XFILE3 network setup

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