Can I share photos and videos from Burst natively to Facebook?

Yes, there are 3 different ways you can share moments from Burst natively to Facebook:

  1. Drill into a media item >> Share Menu >> FB Native Share
  2. Moments Tab >> Manage Moments >> FB Native Share
  3. Bubbles Tab >> Drill into a Bubble >> Admin Features dropdown >> Manage Moments >> FB Native Share

From scenarios 1 and 2, you can share multiple photos and/or videos at the same time.

*Note: Videos that you share natively to Facebook from Burst will auto-play on Facebook. 

Other Native FB Features include:

1. Call to Action (CTA) URL on Pages

2. Slideshows

3. The option to share to either Your Timeline or a Page’s Timeline

4. Videos shared natively and slideshows are uploaded into a Facebook Playlist

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